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Paris ceramics museum

Sèvres, Cité de la céramique was an impressive collection of ceramics from prehistory to present day. The museum is on the way to Versailles and we did both in the same day. Nobody at this museum, however, on a chilly day after Christmas. The museum is part of a complex that includes an old ceramics factory. If you love ceramics like I do, be sure to see it if you are ever in Paris!

Paris opera ballet tour

Our second day in Paris – took a tour of the Palais Garnier, after a fantastic performance of La Source last night by the Paris Opera Ballet. Chagall’s famous painting in the dome of the theatre. The art everywhere was stunning. I started my career as a professional ballet dancer, cut short by an injury. But I remain devoted to ballet. My art is defined by movement and form – heavily influenced by dance.

chain saw sculpture


Wow – saw this guy making these with a chain saw in central Vermont this weekend.

paintings for Cardozo

I was asked to create something that reflects the multicultural diversity of Cardozo EC here in DC – the school I’m starting to teach at next week.

I came up with this tryptych of kids from all backgrounds, set in front of a cityscape.It’s based (loosely) on photographs of students in the school’s summer international academy. Each canvas is 48″h x 48″w. It’s going outside the library/media center. I’m excited! I hope people like it.



Taking some time off! Watch my fb page for more pics


Don’t get to see these people often enough. To my right is NPR’s Patti Neighmond from LA, Bill O’Leary from the Post, Jacki Lyden from NPR and, of course, my partner Joe in the blue shirt. We’re at Compass Rose, a great new restaurant around the corner from us.

my new school

I’ll be teaching at Cardozo Education Campus this coming year. Beautiful inside – just renovated a couple of years ago. And only a few blocks from our house. Nice!