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getting back to some favorites

I did a series of vessels like the one on the left when I took a class at the Corcoran a few years back. Sold all of them! Now I need to make more.

face pot

feeling like this today

printmaking class today

Lots of experimenting at the Corcoran today

sample for class

friendly guy really

A simple creature for the kids to build. They loved it and really did well.

New vessel today

new patterned vase greenware

new vase

Masks coming along

I decided to paint the masks. Here’s the beginning on one.

Getting into printmaking a little bit












I am taking a printmaking class at the Corcoran School of Art + Design.  Here’s the middle stage of a print I started working on this week. I drew the trees myself and used hand-cutout paper for the contour landscape. It’s a complicated process that takes many steps. I’ll add more color to the background in the next class.  What do you think?


Masks I just made

















I just finished making 5 new masks – here are two of them.  

They have to dry for several days before I can put them in the kiln for their first firing. What do you think?

After they come out of the bisque firing, I will glaze them.  Sometimes I leave them pretty raw, with just highlights.


Hello and Welcome!

lil cub

Welcome to my art world on this newly redesigned site!  

My old site had just about everything I’ve ever created – including many things that have long since been sold.  You can still see some of the things people have collected – click here or on the ‘in collections’ tab.

But because I range so widely, people were getting lost in the old site.  And it was hard to update. I hope this is better and I invite your comments – positive and negative.

For those of you who are new to my work – I operate principally in two media – acrylics/multimedia on canvas and handbuilt clay sculpture. I teach clay sculpture for a living.

At the core of my soul, I’m a dancer – I’m a former professional ballet dancer and I have an intense love and knowledge of ballet and modern dance. You’ll see movement expressed in many of my works, especially the paintings. To see what I mean, click here or on the ‘movement’ tab under paintings.

My sculpture is also fluid, but it’s tends more toward the figurative and literal than the abstract, though I make plenty of abstract clay pieces.

Right now I’ve put up on the site some 3-pointed idols I made from my memory of Taino archeological finds near my childhood home in the Dominican Republic.  Click on  the ‘idols’ tab above.  My tropical upbringing will also explain to you my vivid painting palette!

And before I get back to work – just a word of thanks to my husband, Joe Neel, who helps me out by photographing my work and putting this website together. We frequently open my home studios in Washington, DC to visitors, just email Peter +at= RomeroArt =dot+ com for an appointment.

Please let us know what you think!  

Peter Alex. Romero