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Don’t get to see these people often enough. To my right is NPR’s Patti Neighmond from LA, Bill O’Leary from the Post, Jacki Lyden from NPR and, of course, my partner Joe in the blue shirt. We’re at Compass Rose, a great new restaurant around the corner from us.

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summer is over

Wrapping things up. Here are some of the final products of things I posted before.

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my new school

I’ll be teaching at Cardozo Education Campus this coming year. Beautiful inside – just renovated a couple of years ago. And only a few blocks from our house. Nice!

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Kenilworth aquatic gardens: Inspiration!

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3D in paper

Here’s my sample for summer campers – we did alot of these this year.

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a cute one

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face pot

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feeling like this today

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